Sunday, April 9, 2017

From Nick Redfern: "A Mothman-Themed Road-Trip"

Nick Redfern writes about his Mothman road trip a year ago with fellow travelers who chase the weird.

One of the areas of the Mothman phenomena that has always intrigued me: the now abandoned "TNT" area  where highly dangerous chemicals were kept during WWII. Witnesses have reported eerie happenings there; Redfern writes:

 Today, the plant is no more. The only things left now are the crumbling foundations and a couple of sturdy, metal, perimeter-gates and a rusted metal fence. During daylight, it’s an inviting and picturesque area, filled with densely-packed trees, a plethora of wildlife – such as deer, raccoons and beavers – and numerous ponds, pools and small lakes. After dark, however, things are very different. The atmosphere of menace, which was so present back in the sixties, is still there – utterly refusing to relinquish its icy grip. (Nick Redfern, Mothman-Themed Road-Trip, Mysterious Universe)

I haven't been to Point Pleasant, but hope to visit some day, and explore the old TNT area. I've always thought there was some connection between that location and the Mothman entity.

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