Saturday, June 8, 2019

Mothman, by Thor


Always intrigued by the dreaming mind.

I'm visiting a parent of one of the elementary students to discuss what's going on in the school. Although, this parent seems more like the grandmother, closer to my age.

I'm in her living room, and instead of talking about her kid, she shows me her library. She is so happy and proud! She has four books, all written by Thor something (don't recall the last name) and they're all about Mothman. Thick, heavy hardcover books. One of the things so special about the books, she tells me, is that many of the pages are folded into threes, and you have to pull them out very carefully. Also -- and this is very important -- refold them in a specific way. This mother/grandparent (Margaret something) tells me we've all been folding pages into thirds the wrong way.  
I tell her my theories about UFOs, and Mothman -- how I am convinced that all of it exists. There really is a Mothman, entities, aliens, ghosts, UFOs, and on and on, and there are some people who are well aware of that and manipulate this other reality, or concurrent reality, for their own agendas.  
I am very impressed, and a little disappointed in myself that I've never heard of this Thor person. I tell her it's serendipity that we've met, and tell her about myself. She doesn't seem impressed however, in fact, she steps back a little. I feel like she thinks I'm bragging. I wasn't, just very excited to meet a fellow Mothman paranormal Fortean nerd, like myself. So I encourage her and tell her how impressed I am with her library and I'd like to meet with her to talk about these things. But she doesn't seem to want to do that.

Thor? Mothman? Three folds? Seems like that should mean something!