Tuesday, August 28, 2012

8 foot tall, biped, winged-creature seen in Butler County, Pennsylvania -- High Strangeness -- Sott.net

8 foot tall, biped, winged-creature seen in Butler County, Pennsylvania -- High Strangeness -- Sott.net

The story comes to us from Stan Gordon's UFO Anomalies Zone and I must say, Stan has got me excited. Maybe it's my fascination with Mothman or my interest in Bigfoot, but this has both rolled into one all purpose terror.

It all began in the still dark, early morning hours of March 18, 2011 on a rural road between Chicora and East Brady. A businessman was driving along when he saw something that as he says, "made the hair stand up on his neck".

The Single Owl Theory

I was the guest on Sunday's Strange Frequencies program. Which is a fairly skeptical show; the hosts, Jason Korbus and Bobby Nelson are fair minded skeptics. But it went well and I had a good time. Doing interviews is weird; you don't say what you think or assume you were going to say, you don't have time to get to what you want to address, questions are asked by the hosts that lead you off into a direction you hadn't intended to dwell on, and at the end, you realize you didn't make your point, or could have said a lot more about this or that. Of course, I haven't had "media training" some buzz word I've heard others refer to, so what do I know. All this rambling leads to the Mothman Owl Theory. On the program, the hosts talked about Mothman and skeptic/debunker Joe Nickell, and Nickell's  "owl theory." The idea, as many skeptics believe, that Mothman was just a big owl. (Joe Nickell, always disingenuously promoting himself as a "paranormal investigator," has offered owls as the answer to not only the Mothman phenomena, but the Braxton "monster," and the Kentucky entities.)

The discussion centered on elusive memory and tricks our minds play, Linda Scarberry, and owls. What I wanted to get at was a broader context.

Mothman didn't happen to just one person. Dozens of witnesses have seen Mothman. Mothman sightings continue. During the "Mothman flap" several anomalous events occurred: UFO sightings included, strange electrical phenomena, telepathic communications among them. The whole area seems to be haunted and a focal point for weird events. The military has had a presence in that area. Researchers, like Andy Colvin (himself a witness) have delved deeply into these connections. So we have a context of much more than one person seeing an owl late at night.

Stanton Friedman had this to say about the Braxton County Monster and the owl theory:

A six-foot owl that puts out a noxious vapor, has never been reported before or since, and certainly sounds like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole...especially when here was no report of moving wings. ~ Stanton Friedman, on Braxton County Monster-REVISED EDITION" 2012. (See also Super Soylent... But Not Very Salient! by Alfred Lehmberg.)

While both cases (Mothman and Braxton) are obviously very different, the same theory is applied to both. Both do contain a covert human element, namely, the military.

My personal theory is that, in the case of Mothman, manipulations of non-human energies by humans (military, shadow groups, etc.) account for some of the Mothman phenomena. I think it goes far beyond that however; Mothman being an actual non-human and unknown (not known animal)entity of some type.

The Braxton "monster" too, seems to be of possible military or para-military origin, and I'll entertain the ET theory as well. Both are more logical than the "owl theory."

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"Open Letter to Andy" From Visitor; Not Very Nice :(

Following comment came through today on the old Mothman Flutterings blog on WP. It was attached to my post Mothman Shrieks. Here's the original post, and the comment. I'm not clear if the reader thinks I'm Andy Colvin, or is simply using my blog to vent his feelings. No idea what it's about and am not interested. One thing I will say re: the mention of J. Pritchett: I concur. A nasty individual if crossed.
Andrew Colvin’s newest: Mothman Shrieks
Posted on July 2, 2012 by Regan Lee
Mothman Shrieks is the new book from Mothman witness and researcher Andrew Colvin. I have absolutely loved Colvin’s previous Mothman books. Haven’t read Shrieks yet, so can’t comment. But I’ll steal the following from author Nick Redfern, who’s bloggd a bit about the book:
“Spurred by the realization that the 9/11 attacks were accurately predicted – in 1967 – by a childhood friend who was seeing Mothman, Seattle artist Andy Colvin began filming a reality series, ‘The Mothman’s Photographer,’ documenting his experiences growing up in Mound, West Virginia. ‘The Mothman Shrieks,’ the second book in Colvin’s ‘birdman vocalization’ trilogy, looks at the many ways Mothman communicates. Revealing letters from experiencers – penned during a wave of odd synchronicities, sightings, and encounters – indicate that Mothman may be a guardian angel of mind-bending proportions. Increasingly, the Mothman events look to be as important and miraculous as the famous events at Fatima. Interwoven with these personal diaries are discussions between Colvin and other witnesses and experts that reach back into the mysterious history of America, giving a fuller context for the phenomenon. Colvin also tracks the relationship between the paranormal and the media – how the two seemingly work together to help form public opinion and belief. Also included is a chapter of rare material from John Keel, Gray Barker, and others on the dreaded Men in Black and their impact on the early days of ufology. Mothman Shrieks features insightful forewords by Ted Torbich, host of ‘The Stench of Truth’ show, and Eugenia Macer-Story, editor of’Yankee Oracle Gazette.’ Also featured are fascinating interviews with researchers like Adam Gorightly, Keith Hansen, Robert Denton, Jr., Louise Lacey, and Sandy Nichols. Purchase info at Amazon.com. I can’t wait to read this one!
 Frank Glaza says: August 27, 2012 at 2:05 am Open letter to Andy I’m using this blog to give my thoughts about you, Andy. Why here? Well, I never got an any answers in your old blog (dead), your Yahoo group (dead), nor was I ever invited to your Facebook page. I spent about six weeks waiting to be “befriended” at Facebook, I gave up and dropped my request. Within a week you added about 300 friends. Screw you! I no longer desire to have anything to do with Farcebook. So don’t bother to ask my now to be a friend. I crave my privacy. No one needs to see my real name or have my telephone number, unless I want to give it to them. I don’t have a problem giving you my name or number, but I draw the line on third parties…Farcebook. What’s with this co hosting with Jeff Pritchett on the Church of Mabus? First of all…your not a host…your crap at asking questions. By the time you spit out what you want to ask, no one knows what the hell the question was! Going out on tangents upon tangents are fine in answers, but questions? And what the hell is the deal with budding up with Pritchett anyway? The guys a juvenile, pretend to be funny, first class jerk! Took me awhile to figure him out…I listened to maybe 25/35 Church of Mabus shows and finally grew tired of his constant bad mouthing of former quest and acquaintances nearly every other week…and now his former co-host, Guy Weddle. Not verbatim…”I won’t say why Guy is no longer here…but, Whine…he took my girlfriend…Whine…they’re screwing me out of money…Whine…they’re back stabbers…Whine…Whine…Whine. My suggestion to you, Andy, is loose this myopic piece of psychotic dog droppings. Well, That’s all I have to say. Take it as constructive criticism. Sincerely, Frank “Chuck Slick” ***** Good Luck on the book