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A 1934 Mothman Episode?

Lon Strickler shares a report he received a couple of years ago about a possible Mothman sighting and omen, and the disaster following the sighting. Here's a bit; you can read the entire thing at Lon's Phantoms and Monsters blog:

Phantoms and Monsters: Pulse of the Paranormal: "The strange incident took place near Powellton, WV in December 1934 - I was 8 years old. At the time, my father worked for Elkhorn-Piney Coal in McDunn. He and the other miners would take a train to the mine each day.

The day before Christmas Eve my father mentioned an unusual sighting he and the others on the train had while traveling back to Powellton from the mine that evening. As they looked out towards the east they noticed a very large bird flying above the trees. My father was a very simple man and didn't believe in any nonsense but this large bird really caught his attention. He described it as a freakish sized owl very dark in color. The sky was getting dark but they could still make out the large form. He said it also looked at the train as it flew over the trees. Nobody on the train could figure out what it was. The mere fact that my father even mentioned it suggested that it must have been an unusual sight."

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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Swastika Talking Board and Spirit Board Synchronicites

A bit of synchronicity. I was thinking about oracles in general as I was waking up, and Ouija boards in particular. Toying with the idea of a folklore presentation on oracles -- how there were talking boards before the Parker Brothers Ouija board most of us are familiar with today, etc. Then I see this vintage ad for the Niravana Swastika Talking Board this morning on Andy Colvin's Facebook page:

Notice the location of the company that made this: Charleston-Kanawha, West Virginia.

The Museum of Talking Boards site is a wonderful place to explore; I find the history of spirit, or talking boards, fascinating. (I also find the changes in attitudes surrounding the use of spirit boards intriguing. From spirit communication of benign intents -- and reactions  -- to "don't mess with them you'll invite Satan into your life forever" perspective of today.)

The Swastika as a symbol has become forever twisted by the Nazis, but it wasn't always a symbol of darkness.

The swastika has an extensive history. It was used at least 5,000 years before Adolf Hitler designed the Nazi flag. The word swastikacomes from the Sanskrit svastika, which means “good fortune” or “well-being." The motif (a hooked cross) appears to have first been used in Neolithic Eurasia, perhaps representing the movement of the sun through the sky. To this day it is a sacred symbol in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism. It is a common sight on temples or houses in India or Indonesia. Swastikas also have an ancient history in Europe, appearing on artifacts from pre-Christian European cultures.  (History of the Swastika, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Giant Bug Zappers, Daisy the Goat, and Devil Dog Stew: Mountain Monsters

This is a post I wrote for my Animal Forteana blog, August 2014 --  reposting it here.

Giant Bug Zappers, Daisy the Goat, and Devil Dog Stew

Seriously. The mountain men monster hunters of Destination America's Mountain Monsters show built a giant 'bug zapper' trap to capture Mothman. Then they set up lit torches along a path -- all this in the woods -- to lure Mothman to the trap. A bit later, the torches were found re-lit, burning unattended. Why, Mothman must have done it! Because, the mountain monster hunters insisted, those torches were put out!

Three things disturb me about shows like this. One, the arrogance of the "investigators." Armed, tromping around in habitats, disturbing creatures just for the hell of it. They'd tell you, no doubt, that it's no mere joy ride, they are indeed chasing after mysterious -- and often dangerous -- creatures, which is very important business. The assumption however seems to be these mysterious creatures are inherently evil and deserve to be trapped, harassed, placed in captivity, and possibly killed.

Ulisse Aldrovandi,  Italian illustration.

 Two, in their lust for chasing down non-human beings, they are generally disrespectful of the environment. It's their personal monster playground. Hell, they almost set the place on fire in the Mothman episode.  Building giant traps and luring would be monsters -- simply ridiculous. I assume they get permission from various authorities; Fish and Game, etc. before constructing their contraptions. (The website has a disclaimer about not attempting to build traps yourself, and getting permission from authorities.)

Exploiting animals for para-tainment; like Daisy, the poor goat used as bait. Now, Daisy, we were constantly assured, was not going to be harmed. But imagine Daisy's freaked out mind, and how can we be sure that something unpredictable could happen? Can these armed mountain monster hunters move fast enough to protect Daisy from a fast moving predator -- "monster" or not?

Food porn is another aspect of these kinds of shows.  On the Mountain Monster section of 
Destination America website, there is a recipe for 'Devil Dog Stew':

'Ever wonder what a Wampus Beast tastes like? How about the Ohio Grassman? All this
 hunting for fearsome creatures on Mountain Monsters got us wondering...what would you 
do with a trapped mountain monster? They might be kinda tasty, no? 
We decided to find out and it turns out, mountain monsters make delectable meals. 
Here is a recipe for one such creature.'

Of course I don't believe real devil dog meat -- or, hopefully, any kind of dog -- is the main 
ingredient. The point here is the appeal to the gratuitous, the titillation factor.

 Three, the fact that these shows are popular is disturbing.  Mountain Monsters isn't the only
 program that relies on entertainment, and ignores facts and data. For example: Mothman
 is not a giant moth with evil intent, akin to a malevolent version of Mothra, as the producers 
and actors in Mountain Men would have us believe. 

When it comes to the unexplained, including Mothman, producers have their own agendas. 
They then set out to find willing participants who will partake in their made-up 
monster scenarios.
Not to say that shows exploring UFOs, cryptids and other anomalous topics can't be, or 
shouldn't be, entertaining.  With all programming, not matter the topic, producers have their 
agenda, and editing is brutal. But some do attempt to present a deeper look into whatever 
phenomena is being explored. Shows like Mountain Monsters are gratuitous and are not 
concerned at all with authentic cryptid research. 

Stan Gordon's "Astonishing Encounters: Bigfoot, Mothmen and More"

I look forward to reading this book! Nick Redfern has a review of Stan Gordon's new book Astonishing Encounters: Bigfoot, Mothmen and More at Mysterious Universe. Brief mention of Mothy types:
Astonishing Encounters: Bigfoot, Mothmen and More | Mysterious Universe: Astonishing Encounters also contains numerous reports of unidentified flying things. Typically, they fall into the same kinds of categories of winged things that appear elsewhere in the world. We’re talking about (a) creatures that resemble long-extinct pterodactyls; (b) giant birds that look like the mighty Thunderbirds of Native American lore and history (described by one witness as an “eagle on steroids”); (c) Mothman-style creatures; (d) winged humanoids; and (e) monsters that have a “giant bat”-like appearance.

MOTHMAN CAUGHT ON CAMERA IN ARGENTINA? - UFOmania - the truth is out there

So they say . . .

With photo, but unsure if it's the alleged photo from Argentina, or a made up photo. (UPDATE: according to Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters, he posted on his FB page that the photo is a "mock up.")  They also have a video compilation of various mothman sightings -- including the hoaxed winged entity near the world trade center towers -- linked with his item.

Interesting though that I've been noticing recent mothman items popping up on the internet, beginning with the day after cryptic film maker Christopher Maloney commented on Coast to Coast (September 7)  that there have been no Mothman sightings since the 1960s Pt. Pleasant appearances.

MOTHMAN CAUGHT ON CAMERA IN ARGENTINA? - UFOmania - the truth is out there: A mysterious figure with wings was sighted in the small city of Qulino in Argentina. The small city only have 5000 habitats. The case happened in October but it only reached international websites now. This seems to be something related to Mothman, because winged humanoid sightings are not that common, at all. So here’s the news summarized: Back in October, the citizens of Qulino started to report about a strange humanoid figure showing up in the middle of the night and disappearing like a wizard( turning invisible as they said). (UFOmania)

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Creator of Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant Dies

Mothman sculptor Bob Roach has passed. Rest in peace Mr. Roach.

Creator of Mothman Statue in Point Pleasant Dies: MASON COUNTY, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- Bob Roach, the West Virginia artist who created the well-known Mothman statue in Point Pleasant has died.

Roach, who was 81, created the steel Mothman that sits in Gunn Park in Point Pleasant.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mothy Coke Label

Saw this on FB, I think it was Andy Colvin's place. So of course, had to steal share it! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Visit of the Menacing 7 ft. Eagle

While this isn't strictly Mothman, the following does have a certain "mothy vibe." I don't perceive Mothman as sinister or as an entity with ill intent; however, my eagle "mind post card" did have that negative vibe. (cross posted on my Orange Orb blog.)
Weird little "mind postcard" the other night. That's what I call those vivid, full color -- often with smells and sounds -- images that come into my mind in rapid fire "clicks." They are extremely detailed, and often I feel as if I'm right there, walking among, within, the scene. These are real, but so fast I can barely keep up. And much of the time, these scenes have nothing to do with me; they seem random. Fascinating, that these "mind postcards" are so vivid and detailed, compete with odors and sounds and color, and yet appear with such quickness and are often irrelevant to my everyday experience.

Sometimes these scenes expand. In other words, as I find myself in them, I can slow it down a bit; walk around, try to interact. But sometimes the people in these landscapes, when they do notice me, even though I'm right next to them, seem annoyed that I'm there. It's as if they notice my being out of place (or time) -- do I seem like a ghost to them? Or that I wandered into someone's else's dreamtime.

These moving mind postcards happen when I'm awake, but lying in bed, prior to sleep. I know this is a typical thing for many and there's a name for it. However, it's still pretty damn intense and weird at times!

So, the other night. Abruptly, as usual, I find myself in a scene. I'm outside in a backyard somewhere -- I don't recognize anything. I have the sense that even though I'm me, now, I'm also a child, around four or five. There's family around, people, like a barbecue or something like that. A semi-rural place. I have the feeling this is in California somewhere; southern California, inland. To my left is a white picket fence, a little worn and wobbly. I look up from where I am in the yard, near the porch, and look over to the large tree (an oak?) that is on the edge of the yard. I think it's actually the beginning of the semi-woodsy area. Somewhat leaning against the tree trunk, and staring right at me, is an eagle.

This eagle is very tall, about 7 feet tall.  It's standing like a human would stand, and leaning against the tree. Every detail is exact, vivid; his white head, his height, his eyes. Large eyes! I am very scared; this thing is not of good intent at all! He (and I just know it's a he) is watching me, and it is not a good thing.

Then I remember the "dream" of the large eagle flying through my open ceiling  (cross posted on my Saucer Sightings blog) when I was little, around four or five. In that "dream," I felt elation, not fear.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cryptomundo: The Mothman Curse

Via Cryptomundo, item on The Mothman DVD from Richard Mansfield...

Cryptomundo : The Mothman Curse: From the Press Release:

Wild Eye Releasing has unleashed The Mothman Curse nationwide on DVD and VOD this week. A creepy and unsettling horror mystery, writer-director Richard Mansfield takes a creature from the shadows of West Virginia and sets it loose on two unsuspecting young women.

An ancient evil is unleashed in a supernatural thriller based on the terrifying legend of The Mothman. Rachel and Katy work in a large, empty museum. Lately Katy notices slight yet disturbing changes in her friend, while a menacing, dark shadow appears to be watching them night after night, drawing them both further into fear and madness. As they investigate deeper, the legend of The Mothman becomes a very real and dangerous living nightmare.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nick Redfern: "Mothman and the Silver Bridge" at Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern at Mysterious Universe has a piece on the "liminal" aspects of bridges and a new book from George Dudding about the Silver Bridge collapse: The Silver Bridge Tragedy.

Mothman and the Silver Bridge | Mysterious Universe: Dudding is the ideal person to pen a book on the collapse of the bridge, as he grew up on a farm just a few miles outside of Point Pleasant, and he was on-site within an hour of the tragedy that claimed dozens of lives on that long-gone, December evening. And, as Dudding says:
“Recently, I was questioned about what I knew about the 1967 Silver Bridge disaster at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. After telling my story, it was suggested that I write a new book – except that I was to veer away from my usual topics such as UFOs and Bigfoot.” He adds: “So, I decided to get some things together and start researching information for this book.” (Redfern; Mysterious Universe)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

ebay find: A Young Keel Writes for "Hobo News"

Found on Ebay; going for $550.00, an issue of Hobo News from 1946 with a short piece by Keel, who was sixteen when he published Say It With a Song.

Sticky notes

Speaking of The Eighth Tower, this is what my copy currently looks like:

Not wanting to mark up pages with notes, I'm using little sticky notes with brief comments I've written so I can go back and refer as I need to. And I'm not even finished yet.

This edition is the Signet paperback, New American Library/Times Mirror, Signet first printing, May 1977. (copyright John A. Keel 1975.)

Keel Quote

Writing on the manifestations of the "super spectrum" in his book The Eighth Tower-- all those anomalous, weird, outer space, inner space entities, monsters, phantasms -- John A. Keel wrote:

"Whoever -- or whatever -- they are, they've got us surrounded."

Friday, March 27, 2015

Monsters and Mysteries in America : John Keel Files

Saw this posted on Andy Colvin's FB page. I plan to watch this of course! April 1st:

Monsters and Mysteries in America TV Schedule | Monsters and Mysteries in America | Destination America: The John Keel Files Special
In the late 1960's the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia is besieged by a series of monstrous creatures, blood-seeking UFO's, and mysterious men in black. Two reporters seek answers, culminating in one of the deadliest disasters in U.S. history. (Destination America)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

John A. Keel Born This Day

John A. Keel, born March 25, 1930
Mr. Keel passed on  July 3, 2009

Re-read: The Eighth Tower

I've read all of John A. Keel's books, but it's been some years since I've read The Eighth Tower. Fantastic, a classic. I haven't finished this re-read, but am almost done; can't put the book done. Lots of note taking! I agree with his overall theory of a super-spectrum, as well as the, at best, indifference of the origin or source, as well as its contradictory nature. But does this explain everything? And is it a bit bleak -- I find it so. And yet, also funny in a dark way and true.  Isn't there some bit of white light in that crack? More on all that musing later. Meanwhile, back to Keel, projects, and ideas.

I'm Cited!

Nice find; Mothman Flutterings is cited, and I'm quoted as to my idea Mothman could be, in part, a human manipulated phenomena on page 58 of What Happens Next? Contemporary Urban Legends and Popular Culture, by Gail de Vos. I had no idea!

Monday, February 16, 2015

I Am The Mothman

Found this on Facebook, and you know I had to steal it and post it here!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Woman Sees Mothman-Like Creature She Calls a Swift Peter | Mysterious Universe

Report of a strange Mothman type entity from Mysterious Universe. It isn't Mothman, per se, (or seems not to be) but it has its own unique characteristics. Others have seen this creature, as is mentioned in the article.  One thing I did find interesting was what the witness said about the reactions of the dogs to, presumably, a large winged being:  "Hearing dogs barking everywhere…" Whenever there's a supernatural/anomalous/UFO event, animals often react with agitation or fear.

Woman Sees Mothman-Like Creature She Calls a Swift Peter | Mysterious Universe: A recent story in Cryptozoology News caught my eye because it referred to a creature I had never heard of before. A woman in Mississippi claimed that in 2013 she saw a large creature with wings that scared her dogs and reminded her of the stories her grandparents told of a Mothman-like creature they called a Swift Peter.
Marie (no last name) says she saw the creature near Arkabutla Lake in Tate County at around 11 pm on a night when a storm knocked out the electricity. Hearing dogs barking everywhere, she investigated and saw a shadow of something that was “large and could fly.” She and her mother found a set of 7-toed footprints the next morning. (Paul Seaburn, Mysterious Universe)

Friday, January 30, 2015

Mothman in Modesto: Your True Tales of Mothman in Modesto - November 2013

One person's memory of a possible Mothman sighting in California:

Mothman in Modesto: Your True Tales of Mothman in Modesto - November 2013: "I lived in Modesto, California for only a short time, and at the time I was only ten years old. At a neighbor's barbecue one night during the autumn of 1997, a group of the party's kids and I were playing in the backyard. Even now, bits and pieces are missing from my memory, but there are parts I recall." (
Thanks to CFZ for link.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Mothy Owl

I stole this off of The Anomalist Facebook page. This, clearly, is the Mothman.

source unknown; taken from The Anomalist Facebook page