Saturday, August 9, 2014

Looking for Mothman: Planet Weird Visits Point Pleasant | The Daily Grail

Greg and Dana Newkirk, of Who Forted?, were fortunate enough to visit Pt. Pleasant, Mothy territory. The Daily Grail reports:

Looking for Mothman: Planet Weird Visits Point Pleasant | The Daily Grail: Alien stalker, inter-dimensional cryptid, herald of Doom, Tibetan Garuda or just a big-ass owl. Everybody has their pet theory about the true nature of the Mothman; but the only thing that's certain, is that 46 years after the collapse of the Silver Bridge in December of 1967, the mystery immortalized by John Keel and Gray Barker remains as captivating as ever. (Daily Grail)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Dan Kennedy, host of The Moth - Boing Boing

From Boing Boing -- The Moth. Of which I have been unfamiliar but of course, now I must explore!

Dan Kennedy, host of The Moth - Boing Boing: Over its 17 year existence, The Moth has shaped the age-old art of storytelling into something uniquely its own, a style as instantly recognizable as any music style or movie genre. And like a great song or movie, there’s something in a perfectly executed Moth story that leaves the listener feeling as though they could never imitate such a perfect feat. And, if the organization’s show runners are to be believed, just about anyone with a story, and the willingness to be coached by a pro, can do precisely that.

From The Abnormal Realm: Batsquatch

A little item on the possible existence of Batsquatch from The Abnormal Realm: Batsquatch.

Related link: my 2009 article I wrote for my Trickster's Realm column at Tim Binnall's site: Sacrificial Lambs Unto the Demon: Batsquatch in Oregon.