Sunday, July 29, 2012


From Dr. Karl Shuker, this case from England of a "bat winged monkey bird" as experienced by witness Jacki Hartley:ShukerNature: INTRODUCING BRITAIN’S BAT-WINGED MONKEY-BIRD
"Back in 1969 I was 4 years old and travelling back from my auntie’s house in London. Dad had been driving for about half an hour and we were going through the countryside. I was in the back of the car when I suddenly heard an awful, screeching scream. Mum and dad were in the front chatting and heard nothing. It was twilight and as I looked out of the back window into the trees, I saw what I could only describe as a monster.

"It had bat wings which it unfolded and stretched out before folding back up again, red eyes and a kind of monster monkey face with a parrot's beak and was about 3 feet in height.

"To my 4 year old mind it was terrifying and I had nightmares for weeks. I did not have a name for this thing in my vocabulary and so called it The Bat Winged Monkey Bird as it seemed to be such a weird mixture of animals.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Micah Hanks: "Conspiracy Calls"

New article from Micah Hanks for Mysterious Universe: Conspiracy Calls: Paranoid Telephone Bugs and MIB Survelliance.  Micah begins his article, which is about Keel, MIB and the electronic telephone interference we're used to hearing about when it comes to UFOs, Mothman and more, with his own eerie synchronicity. Hanks writes:
In fact, we might as well get things off to a good start by adding a heaping dose of synchronicity: just as I was sitting down to write this piece, my phone inexplicably lit up, then shut itself off completely, and restarted. I usually ignore this kind of thing… but for some, it’s enough to keep one’s paranoid fantasies close to the edge for days at a time. With regard to my own situation, this isn’t the only time my phone has appeared to come to life on its own, and activate or deactivate itself arbitrarily. For several months now, I’ve been experiencing a remarkable amount of Keelian weirdness regarding my cellular phone… and in truth, I might as well admit it: I’ve kind of got a history with this sort of thing.
It gets even better, and much weirder! Perfect "Keelian" and Fortean reading!

Reporter Mary Hyre: "Where the Waters Mingle"

From the blog John Keel: Where the Waters Mingle. A series of articles from the Mothman era by reporter Mary Hyre, who lived in Pt. Pleasant at the time.

Free Download: Mothman on the Telephone

I put together a collection of some of my posts and articles about the beeping/electronic aspects of Mothman and Bigfoot encounters. You can read it on my Scribd page: Mothman on the Telephone.</a>

Andrew Colvin: Newsletter

This is Andrew Colvin's newsletter; he has very kindly allowed me to repost it here:

As you may recall, "Beyond The Grassy Knoll" has risen - like a phoenix - from the ashes. Vyz has been kind enough to keep the Mothy ball rolling. Mothman interviews 28 and 29 (which run together) are now up here:

These shows cover conspiratorial events in recent weeks, revealing how mass mind control works, and how the Mothman phenomenon aims to counter that process. They will be totally downloadable in one week. Speaking of which, you can download interviews 26 and 27 here:

Click in the "April 13th" section for those, and in the "March 21st" section for interview 25. FYI, Moth-friend Harriet Plumbrook has an interview in the "March 30th" section where she discusses our elementary school in Mound, WV.

Another friend, Regan Lee, has started an interesting blog on Mothman, where she discusses how reading my Mothman's Photographer II book triggered a series of Mothman dreams and synchronicities:

Don't forget to check my blog occasionally, as I have begun posting again after a year layoff (to edit Mothman III). What could be more
fun than exposing shills for the guvmint's mil-oil-tary!

Lastly, my article in Paranoia Magazine #47 has finally hit the stands, forcing said mil-shills to rat-a-tat on their computer keys in an attempt to spin Mothman as "evil."

Yours in feathers,


P.S. Just for kicks, here's a couple of photos from a local school that adjoins a Catholic church built on sacred ground. The first one is of tilework - in progress - showing a Middle Eastern birdman much like the one that appeared when we were creating the DVD cover art for The Mothman's Photographer reality series. The second one is a statue that looks very much like the ancient Hindu statues of the Garuda carrying Vishnu (see example).
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