Sunday, April 12, 2015

Nick Redfern: "Mothman and the Silver Bridge" at Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern at Mysterious Universe has a piece on the "liminal" aspects of bridges and a new book from George Dudding about the Silver Bridge collapse: The Silver Bridge Tragedy.

Mothman and the Silver Bridge | Mysterious Universe: Dudding is the ideal person to pen a book on the collapse of the bridge, as he grew up on a farm just a few miles outside of Point Pleasant, and he was on-site within an hour of the tragedy that claimed dozens of lives on that long-gone, December evening. And, as Dudding says:
“Recently, I was questioned about what I knew about the 1967 Silver Bridge disaster at Point Pleasant, West Virginia. After telling my story, it was suggested that I write a new book – except that I was to veer away from my usual topics such as UFOs and Bigfoot.” He adds: “So, I decided to get some things together and start researching information for this book.” (Redfern; Mysterious Universe)

Sunday, April 5, 2015

ebay find: A Young Keel Writes for "Hobo News"

Found on Ebay; going for $550.00, an issue of Hobo News from 1946 with a short piece by Keel, who was sixteen when he published Say It With a Song.

Sticky notes

Speaking of The Eighth Tower, this is what my copy currently looks like:

Not wanting to mark up pages with notes, I'm using little sticky notes with brief comments I've written so I can go back and refer as I need to. And I'm not even finished yet.

This edition is the Signet paperback, New American Library/Times Mirror, Signet first printing, May 1977. (copyright John A. Keel 1975.)

Keel Quote

Writing on the manifestations of the "super spectrum" in his book The Eighth Tower-- all those anomalous, weird, outer space, inner space entities, monsters, phantasms -- John A. Keel wrote:

"Whoever -- or whatever -- they are, they've got us surrounded."