Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mothman Finally Arrived!

The book that is; Lon Strickler's book on Chicago winged humanoid sightings Mothman Dynasty arrived today. I had ordered it over a week ago but with the holidays, the mail often takes a bit longer. I'm already enjoying the book (taking a break from Thom Powell's Bigfoot book Edges of Science), armed with clickable highlighters and post-it notes. So far, so good. Will post a review when finished.

(Love my clickable highlighters! They're what every researcher needs.)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Mom on Mothman

Thinking about my mother, who passed away last Febraury. Here is a bit from a piece I wrote in 2011 for Tim Binnall's site at my Trickster's Realm column over there about a conversation my mom and I had about Mothman:

It's late at night, I hear the ocean rumbling outside the bedroom window. I'm visiting my eighty-four year old mother who lives on the coast. We just had an interesting conversation about Mothman.
I brought along Andrew Colvin's new book Mothman Speaks to show mom; (hey mom, I'm quoted on the back of the book and inside!) and she asks me a series of questions about Mothman: just who is he, or what is it, isn't it a series on TV, -- "no mom" -- "Oh, that must have been something else."

I tell her what I can about Mothman, including Colvin's relationship with Mothman and his research, his spiritual or philosophical views on Buddhism and Eastern beliefs, which my mother shares in some ways. I tell her of my own interest in Mothman, even though I've never had a Mothman sighting of my own. (Mom on Mothman, Binnall of America, 2-8-11) Read the rest here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Loren Coleman on 'Evil' Mothman

Loren Coleman was a guest on last night's episode of Coast to Coast,  promoting his new book Mothman; Evil Incarnate. The title sums up Coleman's gloom and doom dark side of the veil perceptions of Mothman. I didn't hear Coleman give credit to Lon Strickler of Phantoms and Monsters, who has been delving into the Chicago Mothman sightings, or Mothman author and experiencer Andrew Colvin. I've ordered Lon's book, but am reluctant to with Coleman's, though, in the spirit of research, I should.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

'Mothman: Evil Incarnate' Loren Coleman's Latest

174 - Mothman: Evil Incarnate with Loren Coleman - See You On The Other Side

Above link takes you to audio and text concerning Coleman's opinions on what Mothman is. Andy Colvin, I am sure, is not pleased.

Interesting how some view Mothman as a negative, 'evil' force, while others go beyond such simplistic interpretations.