Tuesday, September 26, 2023

A Tiny Mothman on the Telephone Moment



Just a silly weird little thing this morning. Phone rang (land line) we were in the other room. I said, joking around "It's Mothman calling." (I am such a Fortean nerd.) We always wait for the voice mail to answer before we pick it up. Two rings, then, the weirdest buzzing/thumping electronic noises. Sounds we've never heard before on the line. Then, it hung up.

Another day in Weird Land.

(Several years ago I wrote Mothman on the Telephone; it's on Scribd.)

Monday, September 18, 2023

Mothman: Demonic vs. Positive, Spirits and More

Working on raising my vibration and developing my psychic medium abilities. Communicating with spirit -- with non-human entities, animals, supernatural beings -- all the while being very aware of not inviting in negative energies.

Also, Mothman. I’ve never encountered Mothman but intuitively have felt that this being is, at best, neutral, and probably positive. Not the negative evil demon type creature many believe. Some witnesses have encountered a winged humanoid being that is scary and evil and have called it Mothman. I don’t think those are the same entity.

Mothman, pencil, Regan Lee

On FB yesterday Andy Colvin (Mothman’s Photographer, etc.) posted a couple of pages from Nick Redfern’s new book on Mothman; Mothman and Other Flying Monsters: Nuclear Nightmares and Armageddon.

I haven’t yet read Nick’s book (just bought the Kindle version)  but reading those two pages had me wondering why Redfern went in that direction. The title implies negative omens of a very near post apocalyptic future.


I also listened to the last half hour of his interview on Coast to Coast last night with George Knapp. All about doom, gloom, nuclear devastation, end of the world -- JHC, what is going on in people’s heads?

Then I dreamt:

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Mothy Talking Board


I like the vintage look of this talking/spirit/ouija board.  I haven't used a talking board since the 1970s. Where, the spirits told me, I was a nun in the late 1800s who left the order, disgusted with the bullshit, and ran around the Wild West preaching my own spin on things metaphysical. Made sense to me. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2022

It's Mothman Day

 Today is the 56th anniversary of the first reported Mothman sighting. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

A Mothy Sketch

Mothman, computer enhanced pencil sketch, Regan Lee

Or, an owl? Are they what they seem? Of course they aren't.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Why Does Paranormal Research Ignore Andy Colvin?


My copy of John A. Keel’s Carnival of the Mind, edited by Andrew Colvin, just arrived. 

“Global geopolitics is a hall of mirrors, just as ufology is a carnival of the mind.” - Andrew B. Colvin, in John Keel’s Carnival of the Mind.

And the two; geopolitics and ufology, go together. Anyone who doesn’t think so is naive. The same is true of all paranormal topics; or rather, the paranormal itself. Including Mothman. 

The other night, watching a paranormal show (forget which one) on Mothman. Mothman is one of my favorite paranormal subjects. As usual, while watching the program, I wondered at the conspicuous absence of Andrew Colvin, author of Return of the Prophecies of Mothman, The Mothman’s Photographer lll, Mothman Speaks, among others. 

Colvin is rarely, if ever, quoted or featured on programs about Mothman. I have long found this odd. I realize producers have their own agendas, their own slant they want to put on subjects (my limited experience has been dismal. What thieving bastards they be!) Anyway, instead of speculating on why Andy Colvin is ignored, I asked him if he’d mind sharing his thoughts. And he did. Andrew Colvin gave me permission to quote him. 

This is absolutely a thing. I think it goes back to the original Mothman events, which do have a national security element. This is why they harassed Keel and tried to distract him with the Long Island stuff. And they have done the same to me. The spooks put out the word, and keep it off the airwaves. Now what Loren did was write that position paper years ago, declaring Mothman as part of cryptozoology, and this is took it out of the realm of ufology. His buddy Clark said nothing. Basically Coleman and Clark put Mothman in a ghetto and "privished" it. Coleman has been on my tail for 20 years now, trying to make me out as crazy. He just got me kicked off the Keel FB group earlier this year. I am writing an intro about all this for the new Keel coming, The Big Bamboozle, so it is fresh in my mind. You can see a similar intro for the one that recently came out, Carnival of the Mind. 

The starting point for this was recent discussion I had regarding why ufology has totally abandoned Mothman. None of the ufologists know about it, or care about it, even though it was the biggest flap in history.

The cryptozoologists have "owned" Mothman for around 15 years, and they have done zilch to forward any understanding of it. The ufologists would perhaps do a better job of it, if they weren't being told to avoid it. Loren's Mothman Death Curse - his ridiculous notion that a large owl could put spells on people - really sank the credibility of Mothman as a research venue. Some were scared away, while others scoffed and walked away.

Plus, his Chicago Mothman scam really put the nail in the coffin for the time being. But Mothman will rise again. (Andrew Colvin)

Speaking of Loren Coleman, I realize he has a good reputation and has contributed a lot. I have several of his books. But he does have a smarmy attitude. Years ago, the golden age of Yahoo groups, I had a group called Paranormal Bigfoot. Or something close to that. Wait, I think it was called Bigfoot Mavericks. So long ago! Coleman emails me to tell me I "should know better" than to promote a paranormal theory in context of Bigfoot, and that he "expected better of me." I'm paraphrasing but that's the gist. The point is, not to dismantle Coleman (as if I could) but to point out that there are many in the field of the weird that will not, do not want, and will expend a lot of energy putting the kibosh on paranormal and, dare I say it? Spiritual speculations. On those, I hesitate because I get annoyed with Space Brother love and violent rays of awareness crap. That's not all there is to the spirit realm however. There's Space Brother Spirit Lite, and the real stuff.

But I'm getting off on tangents here. 


Sunday, June 6, 2021

"Moth" collage series

 I've been playing around with collage. Namely mixed media on index cards. Really fun and am pleased with what I've come up with. Some collages are random, some I go in with having a specific theme or idea in mind.

I wanted to do something related to Mothman. I used my sketch of Mothman in this collage.

"Moth" mixed media collage on 5 by 7 index card, Regan Lee 2021

This is the second paranormal themed card I've done. I did one of a praying mantis  - it's posted at my Orange Orb blog. 

This has inspired me to do a series of cards based on UFOs, cryptids and otherwise mysterious things.