Friday, December 6, 2013

Fortean Nerd Dreams: Of Mothman and Strieber - Binnall of America

My new Trickster's Realm column is now posted at Tim Binnall's BoA: column Fortean Nerd Dreams: Of Mothman and Strieber:

I wanted to tell him how pleased I was about finally leaving my body and being able to direct things, get somewhere! Suddenly, I felt the presence of Mothman. I know how ridiculous that sounds, but he, or it, was right there with me, around me, above me. I couldn’t see him, not exactly, but he was there all right, two inches from me, so close!  And Mothman was sad; he/it just felt sad. As if it wanted to do something but couldn’t, being relegated to simply watching, maybe protecting somehow by its presence.  Meanwhile, I’m rigid, frozen in this splayed out above my body state, barely hovering. Not feeling good about things, when along comes a ghost that promptly proceeds to possess me. Against my will, and no matter how I try to fight this thing off, keep it away, it just posses me. Which really makes me angry, so now we’re in this battle, with Mothman nearby, wanting to do something but unable, for some reason.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cryptomundo : Mothman in Japan?

From Japan, an intriguing Mothman (not Mothra, as The Daily Grail points out, but, Mothman like) story for sure from Japan. (thanks to TDG for link.)

Cryptomundo: Mothman in Japan?: That’s when I noticed the two large red eyes; they seemed to glow from within and with a blood red hue. They were unblinking in the 3-4 seconds we saw them, we knew they were looking straight at us, we knew this creature knew we could see it and it made no attempt to disguise itself.
The sick, intense and overwhelming feeling of dread came over us. A feeling that we shouldn’t be there was to say the least, overwhelming.
As quickly as it came, it flew away, back toward the town, eventually melting into the black night sky and as it flew away from us a loud whoosh was heard again and then…silence.
I don't know yet what Andy Colvin has to say about this story; interesting to hear what his comments are.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Did Mothman visit the UK in 1963? | Mysterious Universe

Nick Redfern at Mysterious Universe brings us new Mothman info, via Neil Arnold. Very interesting and exciting:
Did Mothman visit the UK in 1963? | Mysterious Universe: Neil’s book, The Mystery Animals of the British Isles: Kent, includes the story of the Hythe Mothman, and it’s an excellent book that I most definitely recommend to anyone and everyone with an interest in not just cryptozoology in general, but unknown winged things in particular. But what about the night in question? What was the story? Let’s take a look at what we know.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Creature Sighting: Possibly Mothman | Ghost Theory

From Ghost Theory, a possible Mothman encounter:
Creature Sighting: Possibly Mothman | Ghost Theory: “We came to a clearing when we saw a dead animal, which we took to be a horse. It was in a terrible mutilated state with it’s head almost severed from it’s body. We went closer and saw that the animals eyes were gone and two of the legs had been torn off.

“It was upsetting to see this but we kept on with our walk. A few moments later I saw something move to one side of me but as I turned to look whatever it was had disappeared.

“After a few minutes I heard a shrieking noise but James didn’t hear anything. I looked behind me where the noise was coming from and I saw the scariest creature I have ever seen or want to see again. It was very tall, maybe 10 feet tall and was completely black other than for two eyes which were red and very large.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spooky Photo Shows 'UFO' Above Medieval Castle - Yahoo! News

Not Mothman, or even very close, but interesting for its initial winged like oddness in this woman's photo. I agree with the take of the writer; not a flying saucer nor Mothy, but a bug of the mudane kind, not Mothman kind ;(Spooky Photo Shows 'UFO' Above Medieval Castle - Yahoo! News

Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Wee Mothman

It's not Mothman, of course, but it does have that Mothman vibe.  This is a gnome that a local person (unknown to me) who makes these each spring and leaves them in the local city parks. I appreciate this charming and creative idea. I've only found one but I know others who have found them throughout the years.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Big Study: WANAQUE, Part five: MIBs and Mothman make a Mess.

Entertaining, interesting, but oh so not "we-love-mothy" article, from The Big Study:

The Big Study: WANAQUE, Part five: MIBs and Mothman make a Mess.: Keel actually said in this talk that the military had left behind dozens of covered silos filled with high-explosive TNT. Now that statement [considering that the WVOW was entirely vacated of military security for more than a decade [almost two decades], is so preposterous that one wonders how any thinking person could utter it. Also, there was a "network of tunnels" underlying the whole complex.... what mysteries and dangers lurked there? { These "tunnels" were drainage sewers for two, yes dangerous, waste waters called "yellow and red water" which were contaminated "by-products" of the TNT making process --- my dad, who was "acid area supervisor", probably was the main culprit sending such wastes down these drains}. For Keel they were the possible home of the monster.

After himself terrorizing the audience with Mothman and the WVOW, Keel went on to say that many UFO incidents show hostility and that there are encounters where the entities attack people viciously. He then reflected upon Aime Michel's sane theory that all the occupants we see are robots, and spun that to give the impression that if these robots are confused in their tasks they might attack unthinkingly. Well, doubtless only the lady in the crowd who shouted Keel down insisting that Mothman was "An Angel" slept well that night.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Artist Kills 9,000 Butterflies: Damien Hirst Artwork Massacres Thousands of Butterflies

This is a story from October of 2012. Damien Hirst, artist, used butterflies -- ones he intentionally raised and personally killed for his project -- and exhibited the piece at the Tate Modern, which refused to condemn Hirst for his actions.

Artists who gratify their gratuitous blood lusts under the guise of being edgy and intellectual are full of shit.

Artist Kills 9,000 Butterflies: Damien Hirst Artwork Massacres Thousands of Butterflies (PHOTO): Damien Hirst allegedly commenced a butterfly massacre for his artwork "In and Out of Love," according to the Huffington Post.

The process of slaughtering so many butterflies was not an easy job; 23 year old Hirst killed about 400 butterflies a week for his piece of art.

The artwork was created for show at The Tate Modern, in an area of the art museum consisting of two rooms with no windows. Inside those rooms he placed hundreds of live butterflies, where they were trapped with no sunlight. Inside the room the butterflies would be swatted, trodden on, or simply left in there to die.

"Do Not Fear the MOTHMAN" on Craig's List

Thanks to Andrea Skolnik for this link:MOTHMAN she found on Craig's List.