Friday, March 28, 2014

Forteania: The Case of Indrid Cold

Tony Morrill at Forteania writes about the mysterious Indrid Cold, a strange figure indeed within the Mothman story:

Forteania: The Case of Indrid Cold: One of my favorites is the case of Indrid Cold. While in Point Pleasant, West Virginia digging up information on the various strange occurrences which followed in the wake of the Mothman sighting, Keel meet and interviewed a man named Woodrow Derenberger. Keel tells “Woody’s” story in his famous book, The Mothman Prophecies:
visit Forteania for rest of story. It's a great blog all around by the way. Hat tip to The Anomalist for link.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wee Winged One Found in Ireland

Remains of Pixie Specimen Discovered in Ireland. Says one expert:

“It is yet unclear what kind of creature we are dealing with for now, but it is certainly unique” explains Sheamus O’Leary, a biologist at the University of Dublin and member of the research team studying the remains. (World News Daily Report)
Oh I'm not suggesting this is fake, not with a name like Sheamus O'Leary, and not so close to St. Patrick's Day, and not the fact that a simple Google search for Sheamus O'Leary, biologist University of Dublin reveals nothing or that World News Daily Report is an entity that, according to their Facebook page  "... is an independant media organisation dedicated to covering news and events from around the world without corporate filter or political agenda" and contains items one would find in Weekly World News, The Onion or Currant, etc. 

Bird watcher Captures Sound of Mothman - Cryptozoology News

The previous post, also from Cryptozoology News, tells a tale of a Mothman like creature in an attic. In that article is a link to a story from February of an Oregon man who saw, and recorded, Mothman's voice. Excerpt from article:

Bird watcher Captures Sound of Mothman - Cryptozoology News: “He was going ape. Never seen my dog like this before and I was glad that I had brought him with me. We begin walking towards the tree, then we stop for a second…and that’s when it happened.”
Seconds later, a long, deformed humanoid reportedly fell from the tree and levitated in front of the astonished couple. Then an awful scream.
Good story.

Mothman Sighting in Colorado - Cryptozoology News

Recent "mothman" sighting, in a Colorado attic. Hmm…

Mothman Sighting in Colorado - Cryptozoology News: The two men agreed the creature was about 7-feet long, thin and with smooth dark skin.

By Philip Bitnar CC BY 2.0
“Well I mean it was crouched down, but we estimated it was about 7-ft long. I saw some sort of arms and hands, both very long, and the hands had tons of fingers and claws. Reminded me of that movie with the Mothman…” the younger man said. “When my dad pointed the light on its face, it started moving its mouth, which was tiny, with little teeth like a piranha, and ran away. I noticed the eyes were completely dark and had no pupil or nothing. Pitch black, maybe because the light was hurting it.”