Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Visit of the Menacing 7 ft. Eagle

While this isn't strictly Mothman, the following does have a certain "mothy vibe." I don't perceive Mothman as sinister or as an entity with ill intent; however, my eagle "mind post card" did have that negative vibe. (cross posted on my Orange Orb blog.)
Weird little "mind postcard" the other night. That's what I call those vivid, full color -- often with smells and sounds -- images that come into my mind in rapid fire "clicks." They are extremely detailed, and often I feel as if I'm right there, walking among, within, the scene. These are real, but so fast I can barely keep up. And much of the time, these scenes have nothing to do with me; they seem random. Fascinating, that these "mind postcards" are so vivid and detailed, compete with odors and sounds and color, and yet appear with such quickness and are often irrelevant to my everyday experience.

Sometimes these scenes expand. In other words, as I find myself in them, I can slow it down a bit; walk around, try to interact. But sometimes the people in these landscapes, when they do notice me, even though I'm right next to them, seem annoyed that I'm there. It's as if they notice my being out of place (or time) -- do I seem like a ghost to them? Or that I wandered into someone's else's dreamtime.

These moving mind postcards happen when I'm awake, but lying in bed, prior to sleep. I know this is a typical thing for many and there's a name for it. However, it's still pretty damn intense and weird at times!

So, the other night. Abruptly, as usual, I find myself in a scene. I'm outside in a backyard somewhere -- I don't recognize anything. I have the sense that even though I'm me, now, I'm also a child, around four or five. There's family around, people, like a barbecue or something like that. A semi-rural place. I have the feeling this is in California somewhere; southern California, inland. To my left is a white picket fence, a little worn and wobbly. I look up from where I am in the yard, near the porch, and look over to the large tree (an oak?) that is on the edge of the yard. I think it's actually the beginning of the semi-woodsy area. Somewhat leaning against the tree trunk, and staring right at me, is an eagle.

This eagle is very tall, about 7 feet tall.  It's standing like a human would stand, and leaning against the tree. Every detail is exact, vivid; his white head, his height, his eyes. Large eyes! I am very scared; this thing is not of good intent at all! He (and I just know it's a he) is watching me, and it is not a good thing.

Then I remember the "dream" of the large eagle flying through my open ceiling  (cross posted on my Saucer Sightings blog) when I was little, around four or five. In that "dream," I felt elation, not fear.