Thursday, March 30, 2017

Alfred Lehmberg: "The Mothman 'Futility' Syndrome"

Actor Will Patton as Gordon Smallwood in The Mothman Prophecies, 2002

First of all, if you aren't familiar with Alfred Lehmberg, make yourself so. He has a way with words and thought that is right on, free of bullshit, and very articulate, as well as poetic. He takes the other perspectives, often. The ones that many miss or won't acknowledge. Or, worse, acknowledge with a shrug of dismissal before moving on. Completely missing the point, the gestalt…and yet proceed with research as if nothing over there had really happened.

Of his many varied UFO/Fortean realms he explores (I have an image of a Tarot card --- the Knight of … Swords? A messenger.  Except he's too caring for just swords -- so, Wands, maybe? Fire and play, energy and compassion .. hmm… he has that energy yet he's also King. King of Wands? I digress.)

Writing about the character Gordon Smallwood in the movie The Mothman Prophecies:
You see?  Gordon Smallwood was just trying to make sense of what he KNEW was occurring around and to him.  He knew something was happening because a well credentialed, reasonably decent, and big city television 'News' man was very supportive that something WAS actually happening to the both of them, over an extended period of time, and to a LOT of other witnesses too, includingSmallwood's predictably deserting wife.  What's a remotely curious human being to do in such a circumstance?  What would the reader do (and they're more choices than merely two)? (Alfred Lehmberg: The Mothman "Futility"  Syndrome)
Of course, Lehmberg's article is more than "just" Smallwood; it's about the witness who knows he/she saw something, experienced something, and the experience of others in that individual's circle have as well who later reject such experience. I've experienced this myself. Personally, and during investigations. I have interviewed families where many members have seen and experienced strange things, yet, even after admitting such, pushed these memories down, preferring to pretend they never happened in the first place. The lone individual is left to deal with what they experienced on their own with no support from those they trusted.

It's the story within the story of anomalous experience. Choosing between keeping it to yourself or sharing. Choosing to continue with your truth in the midst of others who try to shut you up, made worse by the fact you know they, too experienced the same.

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