Sunday, January 15, 2017

David Weatherly: Winged Creature Attacks in the Bronx: 1904

From researcher:David Weatherly: Winged Creature Attacks in the Bronx: 1904:

 "It's not an owl, it's a devil with wings. Sure I know an owl when I see one, but no man ever seen an owl with wings six feet wide. And it "whooo's" like a ghost in a graveyard too, when it's not growling beneath its breath. Why men, he's no owl; he a devil; and I'm going to get transferred."
That's what Policeman Patrick J. Hickey had to say about his encounter with a strange and scary winged beast in 1904.

Interesting the owl is once again offered as the explanation for mysterious, supernatural type winged creatures. Owls were really the culprits in the Kelly-Hopkinsville alien invasion, Mothman, The Owlman, The Flatwoods monster. It could have been something quite usual, as Weatherly points out, or, not. There's just enough strangeness to make us wonder.

I had not heard of this particular story, a nice report from Weatherly.

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