Friday, February 14, 2014

Song of the Mothman

     Full moon, retrograde Mercury, who knows the reason for last night's Mothy dream.  Very intense dream time last night on many levels, one involving a psychic "mind post card" and my mother, but that's for another post on another blog. 
     Back to Mothman; dreamt I was looking through books, children's books, mainly. Came across a series: covers were white with purple dots. Charming and for very young kids, maybe grades K - 2. After I look through all the books, and see that there are no more, I ask: "But what about the Song of the Mothman?" I was disappointed because I was hoping we'd get to that one, however, as I knew, and was told, that particular title was rare and no one had seen one in a long time. Still, I remained optimistic and insisted we look again. Looking through the batch of books, once again, then again, and finally, there it is: a white cover, purple dots, and Song of the Mothman.

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