Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mothman Mystery Solved! So Not.

Soldier of Fortune magazine, February 2014

I apologize for the lousy quality of the image; using a different computer. But you get the idea. This is the one, and only, page in the big reveal: Mothman mystery solved by Soldier of Fortune magazine. Which, for those of you, such as myself, who are Fortean-Conspiracy minded, is a very interesting magazine indeed, regardless of any Mothy info.

The "article" by Harold Hutchinson is  a mere one page. Not even that, for roughly 1/4 of the page is taken up with graphics and the title "UFO Mystery Solved: "Mothmen" Were Actually Green Berets.
So right away, the complex topic of UFOs is combined with Mothman, and we're off. Yes, UFOs were seen in Pt. Pleasant along with Mothman, but the intent here is to just put all the weirdness into one category and be done with it.

Of course, not all the weirdness that was, and is, the aura of Pt. Pleasant is mentioned.

John A. Keel's book Mothman Prophecies is mentioned, but not the author:
"In 1975, the book The Mothman Prophecies was released, with actor Richard Gere and actress Debra Messing starring in a shady 2002 film of the same name."

"Shady?" And is it necessary to use "actress" -- it's 2014, usually nowadays we just use actor to describe those who act. But anyhoo, we all know Gere and Messing are actors, actresses.

The article has revealed the truth: Mothman wasn't Mothman, but parachuting  Green Berets, painted in luminous paint, which naturally glowed in the dark.  Reason for the paint, according to the article: " keep track of personnel." Seems obvious that night parachuting soldiers painted in luminous paint would be seen, yet this surprised the military:
"What the Green Berets making those jumps hadn't figured on was the fact that people on the ground could see it was well."

Hutchison references the lust filled humans of Pt. Pleasant inferring that their judgement was clouded, not only by the glow in the dark parachuting soldiers, but hormones. In the fist paragraph, witnesses are described as "...preparing for an intimate moment" when "their plans were interrupted" by Mothman, er, glowing soldiers. Later, they are referred to as "...the amorous couple..."

"Hysteria continued..." while the military kept quiet on their top secret maneuvers in Pt. Pleasant. The reason for the glow in the dark parachuting soldiers: HALO, which was being tested during the Vietnam War, more specifically, invasion into Laos.

Well, not since the crash test dummies as the Army been so blatant in their explanations for mysterious phenomena.

It goes without saying that this little puff piece of would be debunkery ignores the history of high strangeness in Pt. Pleasant, including a military presence that, I and other researchers suspect of manipulating the very real paranormal and anomalous phenomena that has been a part of that locale for decades, if not centuries.

I am mildly curious what the uber skepti-trolls have to say about this, for example, over at the James Randi forum, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. This is the stupidest, lamest debunking I've seen in a long time. Where is a single shred of evidence? Where exactly were these exercises taking place? Where is a single photo to prove any of this? Why didn't this come out in the past 5 decades, never mind during the flap? Debunkers will swallow this whole but it's almost excruciatingly lame.

    1. Yep. And that is the point of this; all it takes is something like this to give the debunkers and skeptoids something to slobber over and we're off.

    2. Oh and thank you for stopping by Christopher! I am a big admirer of your writing and blog

  2. The article is close to right; but I never saw any reference to a "glowing" mothman in the original reports. I was a newspaper reporter at the time. Look up a military manuver called, "The Black Ladies". Mothman was a hang glider equipted with an early version of night viewing goggles. One of the hang gliders got off track and landed where he wasn't supposed to.

    1. That area has had, and continues to have, a very high level of Fortean/anomalist activity, including but not limited to: UFOs, psychic/telepathic encounters, ghostly/aura/ectoplasm like apparitions, murders, cover-ups, Big Money, Big Biz, Big Pharma, Big Chemical, military presence (and not for the one off of a glow in the dark parachuting human)...

      This recent "explanation" of military personnel painted with glow in the dark paint as the cause of Mothman is way better than the old owl theory, and that's saying something, because the owl theory was a hoot. (heh.)

      I don't buy it and no one with any sense does either.

  3. Offhand, I'd have to group this with the allegation in the Annie Jacobsen book that Roswell was caused by Stalin, an advanced aircraft, and teens mutated by Mengele.