Friday, July 6, 2012

Micah Hanks: "Conspiracy Calls"

New article from Micah Hanks for Mysterious Universe: Conspiracy Calls: Paranoid Telephone Bugs and MIB Survelliance.  Micah begins his article, which is about Keel, MIB and the electronic telephone interference we're used to hearing about when it comes to UFOs, Mothman and more, with his own eerie synchronicity. Hanks writes:
In fact, we might as well get things off to a good start by adding a heaping dose of synchronicity: just as I was sitting down to write this piece, my phone inexplicably lit up, then shut itself off completely, and restarted. I usually ignore this kind of thing… but for some, it’s enough to keep one’s paranoid fantasies close to the edge for days at a time. With regard to my own situation, this isn’t the only time my phone has appeared to come to life on its own, and activate or deactivate itself arbitrarily. For several months now, I’ve been experiencing a remarkable amount of Keelian weirdness regarding my cellular phone… and in truth, I might as well admit it: I’ve kind of got a history with this sort of thing.
It gets even better, and much weirder! Perfect "Keelian" and Fortean reading!

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