Friday, January 10, 2014

Soldier of Fortune: Mothman Sightings Were Merely Green Berets

As The Anomalist commented, "This is huge." I haven't read the article yet, but it does seem like the usual Trickster stuff that Fortean events are made of. Makes some sense -- luminous outfits, etc.-- military presence in the area overall, covert actitivies in the area concerning government, industry, and weapons. On the other hand, well, you know.

Soldier of Fortune: Mothman Sightings Were Merely Green Berets: The February 2014 issue Soldier of Fortune contains an article entitled “UFO Mystery Solved: “Mothmen” Were Actually Green Berets.”

Author Harold Hutchison writes that Special operations forces near Point Pleasant, West Virginia, were testing high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) parachuting for use in Vietnam. According to Hutchinson, the jumpers used luminous paint to be seen during the tests.

The obvious: what is the motivation of bringing this to light now, what was really going on, etc. As I have always suspected (and I'm not the only one) that area has had a strong covert military presence for a long time, and who knows what the hell they were doing.


  1. Hi Regan. I don't know what to make of the Soldier of Fortune article--but it does need editing. And no sources are given. As you know, all sorts of slippery military, industrial, etc., activity took place during 1966-1967 (and even later) in and near Point Pleasant (which I've visited many times). The HALO program MIGHT account for a very few sightings--but no more than that. I really enjoy your site!

  2. thank you William. I agree, the article is pretty awful, I just bought the issue today. I'll be posting more on it soon.